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Womanifest that Shit!

Let me teach you how to use the process and create the life you dream of!

The Creation of Womanifest

Womanifest that Shit!

December 8, 2014 would be the day I woke up and my whole life would change. When I stepped my foot off the bed, I felt the sharpest pain that I had ever felt, which included the recovery pain from the three C-sections I had to bring my children into this world. 

At the time I had my own Hypnotherapy practice, I tutored hypnotherapy students all over the world and taught at the school where I received my certification. I was just coasting and wanted to attract more into my life. However, that all changed when I stepped out of bed that morning.

The pain of my sciatica was unbearable. I tried everything I could to fix it. I saw my Doctor, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, and Massage therapist. I did whatever it took to get help. I followed direction and nothing would help. I eventually was diagnosed with Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). This is a condition, which I refer to as The Mind-body Syndrome (TMS). It is the conflict of the mind that I was not dealing with so it was being sent into my body. In a short period of time the pain got so bad that I could not sit. How can a therapist see clients and not sit? Well, I couldn’t and was only able to see maybe 2 a week from 2015 through 2017. 

Through my research I came across Dr. John Sarno, MD who discovered TMS. As I read his books, I realized that there was more to my pain than what a medical doctor could do. I realized that I needed a diagnosis. Fortunately, Dr. Sarno’s contemporary, Dr. David Schecter was in Los Angeles and I made an appointment and took all my medical reports and x-rays, where he diagnosed me with TMS. Dr. Schecter recommended that I see a therapist that specialized in TMS. I needed to be able to connect the chronic pain with something that I was not dealing with.

 I thought I would try it my way first and saw a therapist that was also a hypnotherapist. That was successful in realizing what the issues where that were ravaging my body but the pain was still there. I had repressed childhood trauma. The memories came flooding in and I understood why the pain was in the part of the body that it was. I asked the Universe to send me a woman to help me with my TMS. I took Dr. Schecter’s referral and the healing began. 

What I didn’t know at that time was that I was using the Law of Love to heal myself. I realized that I did not love myself. How could I? I was damaged. I kept that to myself for the first 47 years of my life. If you asked me at the time I would have reacted with, “Of course I love myself.” But if you don’t know what self-love is then how can you love yourself? I was putting this negative emotion and feeling for the majority of my life but preaching self-love and acceptance. It took for the Universe to take me down and show me the way back to finally heal my pain. 

As I tell the individuals I work with that whatever the mind does not deal with the body is a welcome participant of the conflict and will take it on in a body syndrome. Now, the first thing that I want you to know is that the pain in TMS is real and that it takes a very strong person to understand that the conflict might be in your mind but that does not make it all in your head. I was feeling true physical pain and I needed relief. 

Why this important to Womanifest NOW! is because it was the Law of Love that brought me through my chronic pain. As I sit here today I am 100% pain free and I see clients sitting down. 

As I started to heal, I was trying to manifest my new start in my practice. I had a few clients that I was working with, sometimes it was one or two a week and that was busy for me. I was doing everything I could to put myself in the right alignment to receive through manifestation. I would watch my colleagues manifest full practices but I was not attracting into my life the clients. As the healing progressed and I really started to feel the love for myself I became even more confused as to why I couldn’t manifest.

I was sitting at the carwash waiting for my car reading a Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman, it was September in 2017. At that moment I was reading a section of the book that tells you to allow yourself to manifest what you want for the next 6 weeks and do not ask questions when you receive it. In that moment, I said universe I have tried to manifest for so long now with no success. I am going to womanifest, draw from the feminine. I said I want to draw into my life more clients. In that moment I received a text from a client I had not seen in years. She said she needed my help. I remember looking up and saying, “OK, I’ll try it your way as long as I can womanifest.” 

In that six weeks, I would womanifest the pain completely gone, a few new clients and over $23,500 of debt to be relieved of. I knew I was on to something. I was not only attracting through the Law of Love but the gift of loving myself brought me the ability to call upon the feminine to attract into my life all that I desire.

 Womanifest is to draw from the Law of Love from the feminine perspective. 


As I started to work with more clients I started to implement the practice of Womanifest. It got the results that I believed and knew it would. My clients started to attract into their lives their desires. When I heard someone say, “If only I could have what I want, then I would be happy.” I would stop them and explain that they could have whatever they wanted. What they would have to do is realize that what you think creates your environment, which creates your reality. I saw such amazing womanifesting. I saw new opportunities, love connections, wealth and abundance. 

I would contact some of my old clients to share with them my new creation and believe it or not, I had been teaching them to womanifest way before I used it in my own life. One of my clients said that the practice I showed her back in 2014 was the exact same thing as I was teaching today. I guess as the old saying that “A Shoemakers son never has shoes.” In that the last person to receive the benefit from the expert’s ability is the expert themselves. I did not even realize that I had been teaching people to womanifest since 2014. 

There is a caveat: I am not saying that manifesting does not work. In fact, I have seen wonderful manifestations for so many. However, it did not work for me. I will say though that manifesting has been practiced by women and men from the beginning of time with the law of love. However, if women and men can manifest then they too can womanifest. 

In regards to where the Law of Love and Womanifest is drawn from, it comes from the feminine power of creation. As we attempt to heal our Mother Earth we have to respect her and give her the recognition that she deserves. We would not be here on the planet if it was for her and to Womanifest is to draw from her wisdom and love of creation.