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Review #1

“I’ve been gratefully working with Cyn for several years now. She’s caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Sometimes we work on a specific behavior I’d like to change, or sometimes we just talk until we discover what may help me that day. I think sometimes people go to a hypnotherapist for something specific they feel is a problem, like quitting smoking or to stop biting one’s nails. Hypnotherapy is great for that and Cyn can certainly help. The way I’ve grown with Cyn and her practice is that going to her is maintenance for my mental, emotional, and spiritual side. When I go to the gym, I workout my body. When I go to see Cyn, my inner world is strengthened. I feel like hypnosis is similar to doing a guided meditation. I’m usually very aware of what’s happening around me, and if I ever want to open my eyes mid-session, I could. I like how she often records the guided part of the session so I can listen to the recording whenever I want, as many times as I’d like. She really cares about helping people improve whatever they want to heal or improve. I call her my “mindset coach,” to some of my friends because she’s not just a hypnotherapist; she has numerous other talents, certifications, and qualifications. She really helps guide my life. I always feel like her desires align with my best interests. Cyn is definitely an asset for me on this journey of self-discovery, healing, and navigating through life with as much ease, joy, and success as possible.”

                                                                                                                   – Nassim

Review #2

“Cyn is absolutely fabulous! Through 1-2 sessions, she delivered an authentic introspective into my anxieties and helped me tackle it! Really glad I went in!”


Review #3

“Cyn came highly recommended by a colleague and I am so thankful I went to see her. She’s been absolutely incredible to work with and helped me on various platforms. If you’re thinking about hypnosis, look no further. Cyn is the real deal.”